Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

As consumer interest in mobile solutions continues to grow, mobile payment technologies are fast becoming an important solution for all facets of the financial industry. It is estimated that $300 billion dollars was transacted via mobile devices in 2014, and that is expected to grow to over $1 trillion by 2019. Many financial institutions and technology companies believe this growth will be realized by the convergence of mobile payment with mobile commerce, and are investing to make this happen.

This webinar explores the recent technology trends such as NFC, HCE, Apple Pay and low energy Bluetooth, and outlines how they can be leveraged to bring integrated mobile payments and commerce solutions to consumers. We start with a high level look at the existing mobile payments market space, and then take a deeper dive into applications of NFC loyalty and location aware promotions, with real world use cases. The goal of this webinar is to help issuers understand how the various mobile payment technologies interact, therefore, being able to create value-added services for their consumers.

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