Advanced EMV

Advanced EMV

How has the migration of EMV affected financial institutions? The perceived complexity of migration can be overwhelming and this webinar aims to take the mystery out of EMV, focusing on the major changes coming to technology, the value chain and payment infrastructure. Key, in-depth exploration includes a review on how issuers in other countries have leveraged EMV technology to bring added value and added security to their cardholder's portfolios. Embracing the EMV migration can make this an opportunity to refresh your brand with innovation and value.

This workshop will focus on:

    • Deliverables and timeline for your EMV migration (steps to take for an easy migration)
    • Mag stripe versus chip (lead times, forecasting, business case)
    • Design considerations (rebranding/innovation)

Emerging Payments
and Beyond

The Roadmap
to EMV

EMV: The

Perspectives on
Visa’s New EMV
Card LOA Process

Keys of Key

Instant Issuance

Design for
Secure Cards


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