Transform everyday objects into payment devices with


Adaptives is CPI's EMVCo certified chip and antenna personalization technology. This technology is one of the smallest and most flexible available, allowing for versatility and use across a wide variety of form factors.

Adaptives embeddable contactless technology can be integrated into portable, wearable or non-wearable devices or other objects allowing consumers to transact payments. Consumers simply tap or wave the object at contactless enabled point-of-sale terminals to pay for products, gain access to events, or pay and board transit systems.

Wearable and non-wearable technology

Transform everyday objects – a key fob, bracelet, coffee cup, baseball hat, watchband and countless other options – into closed- or open-loop payment capable items. With contactless point-of-sale terminals expanding, use cases include everyday purchases, event ticketing, admission and concessions, transit systems, and more.

According to a recent CPI survey among debit and credit users, conducted by an independent research firm

Payment object technology is appealing to consumers for

Event tickets81%
Making purchases at an event venue (music or sports)81%
Paying at the pump72%
Paying and boarding mass transit71%
Purchasing groceries70%

Cups, hats, fobs – works with almost any form factor

CPI Card Group’s chip and antenna personalization technology is one of the smallest and most flexible available, allowing for versatility and use across numerous applications and form factors.

Speed up the line

In today’s fast-paced environment, the point-of-sale experience is becoming quicker and more seamless and merchants and issuers respond to what consumers want. Contactless payment options are expanding into cards, mobile devices and beyond with payment objects.

Flexibility for a variety of open-loop and closed-loop applications

Quick casual dining

Get in and get out – provide speed and convenience for customers on the go.

Pay for gas

Ideal for pay-at-the-pump fueling station prepaid programs.

Closed-loop events

Include everything in one payment object – parking, ticketing, concessions.

Payment tech so small, it's roughly the size of a postage stamp

One of the smallest available, CPI’s patent pending and EMVCo certified chip and antenna personalization technology has been developed through an innovative production process that simplifies the complexity of contactless solutions.

White Paper

Payment Objects: An evolution in convenience

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next phase in frictionless, efficient retail payments.

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