Eco-focused solutions in payment cards

Leading the way towards a more environmentally-friendly future for payments, CPI offers two material options for EMV and dual-interface capable payment cards to reduce the use of first-use plastic.

Earthwise™ Recycled PET-G is the first high-content payment card product on the market to offer up to 98% upcycled plastic content, and the Earthwise - Recycled PVC card can contain up to 85% upcycled plastic.  Content for both cards is dependent on design.

Aimed at reducing first-use plastic and reusing plastic waste that might otherwise enter a landfill, Earthwise™ offers the opportunity to serve a growing market of environmentally-conscious consumers. Perfect for financial card issuers, transit, hospitality, entertainment, retail gift and more.

Incorporate upcycled plastic into your card's construction


Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (rPETG)

The rPETG card is a premium upcycled payment card product created from the same plastic commonly found in clear plastic packaging. This card offers the highest percentage of upcycled plastic in a dual-interface payment card by utilizing post-industrial plastic for all card layers.

Recycled Polyvinyl Chloride (rPVC)

The rPVC upcycled card product is an economical, eco-focused option that allows issuers to introduce products that appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers. The overall upcycled content of the rPVC cards is approximately 85%, dependent upon design.



of debit and credit cardholders are concerned about plastic waste

In a CPI survey conducted by an independent research firm, debit and credit cardholders indicated they are “concerned” about plastic waste in landfills. What’s more, 73% of respondents indicated that it is important that their financial institution is environmentally-conscious.


CPI consumer insights fielded 2/12/2020-2/28/2020 n2303

CPI's newest innovations push the boundaries of card materials, while demonstrating what is possible in manufacturing to reduce first use plastic in payment cards.

Turning Trash into Treasure

Reducing First-Use Plastic

Driven to have a meaningful impact on the issue of plastic waste, CPI created Earthwise™ payment cards, made from upcycled post-industrial plastic waste.

Our goal is two-fold –

Reduce first-use plastic in payment cards
Reuse post-industrial plastic that might otherwise have entered a landfill

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Explore Second Wave® payment cards featuring a core made with recovered ocean-bound plastic.

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