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Card Personalization Trends for Debit and Credit Issuers

If your debit and credit card programs have been on autopilot for a while, it’s time to
catch up on what’s new. Join us for a review of personalization techniques and hot
design trends for debit and credit programs, and new printing options that can spark
life into your existing programs.

Thu, Nov 21, 2019 3:00 PM ET

Riding the Tide of Contactless Cards

Preparing for a future of contactless – dual interface, wearable and non-wearable technology

Contactless payments are gaining popularity. In a CPI Card Group conducted survey, 72% of respondents like the idea of tapping their cards and 65% like tapping an object. In this ICBA hosted webinar, learn about contactless payments and various form factors including dual interface, payment objects, mobile and more.

Card Trends for Community Bankers

Learn about two of the hottest trends in the payment card industry – dual interface and instant issuance, in this webinar hosted by the ICBA. Remaining competitive requires innovation and convenience. Learn how your transformation can include both, with new dual interface card offerings available and a Software as a Service instant issuance solution to support your contactless issuance strategy.

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Provide cards in an instant

Members, credit unions reap the benefits of instant issuance card systems.

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Dual Interface and Metal Cards

Dual interface and metal cards are garnering all types of attention in 2018 for the best of reasons: cardholders LOVE to use them. This presentation discusses these two new trends and how you can incorporate them into your card program.

metal cards

Metal Cards

Uniquely different, luxurious cards made from a variety of elements give high-end cardholders the exclusive top-of-the-wallet experience they desire. This presentation will explore different types of metal cards and their market trends, as well an overview of design aspects combined with card construction to help issuers choose the right card for their audience.

metal cards
instant issuance

Instant Issuance for EMV Cards

Card issuers must evolve payment product delivery to a customer centric approach focused on personalized experience, ease of use and instant capabilities.  This presentation discusses the practicality of adding in-branch chip card issuance during EMV migration and how instant issuance technology can be leveraged to revitalize valuable cardholder relationships.

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Design for Secure Cards

Understand how the look and feel of a card design actually impacts material selections and run-ability in the production world.

emv keys

Key Management

A comprehensive look into how the different keys are used for encryption of data.

emerging payments

Emerging Payments and Beyond

Review future considerations emerging in payment solutions and how to stay relevant.

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