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What's in Your Wallet?

Talking the Future of Form factors With CPI

- IPA Episode 34 -

CPI's Peggy O'Leary discusses card options for prepaid programs in this IPA hosted podcast.

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Prepare for a Second Wave™ in Payment Options

Payment Cards Made from Recovered Ocean-Bound Plastics

Join us in this webinar for bankers looking to offer environmentally-friendly payment products to attract customers, diversify their debit and credit portfolios and keep their cards top-of-wallet. Jack Jania, Vice President of Product Management and Innovation for CPI Card Group® will introduce cards made with recovered ocean-bound plastic, and present the latest consumer and financial market information on sustainability in payments.

Tue, Apr 28, 2020 1:00 PM MDT

Card Personalization Trends for Debit and Credit Issuers

If your debit and credit card programs have been on autopilot for a while, it’s time to catch up on what’s new. In this webinar hosted by the ICBA, we review personalization techniques and hot design trends for debit and credit programs, and new printing options that can spark life into your existing programs.

Riding the Tide of Contactless Cards

Preparing for a future of contactless – dual interface, wearable and non-wearable technology

Contactless payments are gaining popularity. In a CPI Card Group conducted survey, 72% of respondents like the idea of tapping their cards and 65% like tapping an object. In this ICBA hosted webinar, learn about contactless payments and various form factors including dual interface, payment objects, mobile and more.

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Provide cards in an instant

Members, credit unions reap the benefits of instant issuance card systems.

Card Trends for Community Bankers

Learn about two of the hottest trends in the payment card industry – dual interface and instant issuance, in this webinar hosted by the ICBA. Remaining competitive requires innovation and convenience. Learn how your transformation can include both, with new dual interface card offerings available and a Software as a Service instant issuance solution to support your contactless issuance strategy.

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