Developing a Successful Sustainable Payment Card Strategy Guidebook




Developing a Successful Sustainable Payment Card Strategy Guidebook

As issuers align products within the framework of their greater organizational goals, there a
number of factors to consider along the path to sustainability to ultimately, create more value for
consumers. CPI Card Group’s “Guidebook to Developing a Successful Sustainable Payment
Card Strategy” explores the finer details of how to pivot debit and credit card programs to more
sustainable options, including information needed to evaluate the latest material choices and
best practices to consider when making a case for your specific institution.

Learn more about recycled materials and a comparison of their benefits, ways to introduce
more sustainable choices into card issuance strategies that go beyond the card body, and
seven considerations for the successful incorporation of eco-focused products into your
card program.

Additionally, a list of important questions for program managers to ask during an eco-focused
card proposal is featured at the end of the guide.

CPI Card Group successfully launched its first eco-focused card product featuring recovered
ocean-bound plastic in 2019. Currently, CPI has a full suite of eco-focused card products and is
the market leader with over 33 million Earth Elements™ eco-focused cards in market.

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