COVID-19 Update

October 1, 2020  

CPI Card Group, like many other businesses, closely monitors the news and information available regarding the spread of the COVID-19 to understand and mitigate its impact to our business and operations.

Throughout the pandemic, all of CPI’s production and fulfillment facilities have remained operational to continue to provide essential services for our financial services customers.  Our operations provide direct and critical support to the Financial Services sector, including the production and fulfillment of debit and credit, payroll, government benefit, and health savings account cards, as well as payment cards used by the unbanked to pay for daily expenses and bills.  These products enable people to access fundamental financial services.

CPI’s COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness Plan provides the elements of our COVID-19 response, which are based on federal, state and local requirements and guidelines.  The Pandemic Preparedness Plan can be found HERE.

Supply Chain

We are working and will continue to work with our suppliers to understand any area of potential risk, and as is normal business practice, mitigate those risks through buffer stock investments and multiple supplier sources.  As of today, we believe our supply chain and enhanced buffer stock will support our customers and operating needs.

CPI would like to thank our customers and employees for their support and service as we work through this evolving situation.

We will update this statement as is warranted.


Supplier Code of Conduct

CPI Card Group Inc. takes its obligation to be a responsible global citizen seriously and expects suppliers to demonstrate a commitment that is consistent with the Supplier Code.

Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking and Slavery in Our Business and Supply Chains

This statement outlines CPI Card Group’s position on modern slavery and human trafficking.

Conflict Materials

Statement on Conflict Minerals

This Statement reflects CPI’s commitment with respect to responsible sourcing of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold, and the expectations for CPI’s suppliers that provide materials containing those minerals.

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