Official CPI Statement: COVID-19 Coronavirus

Official Statement

March 23, 2020

CPI Card Group, like many other businesses, is closely monitoring the news and information available regarding the potential spread of the COVID-19 to understand its possible impact to our business and operations.  We have not experienced an impact to our ability to meet our commitments from this developing situation.

“Shelter-in-Place” and Similar Orders

All of CPI’s production and fulfillment operations remain open to continue to provide essential services for our financial services customers.  Our operations provide direct and critical support to this industry, including the production and fulfillment of debit and credit, payroll, government benefit, and health savings account cards, as well as payment cards used by the unbanked to pay for daily expenses and bills.  These products enable people to access fundamental financial services.

We are monitoring the government actions across the U.S. that are designed to address the pandemic.  Many governmental authorities have issued shelter-in-place type of orders, or orders aimed at reducing the in-person workforce.  The orders issued to-date by governmental authorities in our locations (Tennessee, Indiana, Minnesota and Colorado) provide that businesses like CPI that directly support the financial services sector are considered essential businesses.  These businesses must remain open to ensure continuity of functions critical to public health and safety, as well as economic and national security.  The health and safety of our employees remains paramount, and CPI continues to follow the safety precautions and other appropriate measures described below in all of its facilities.

Employees and Operations

CPI has implemented safety precautions and employee communications company-wide based on the health and safety practices recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention including:

  • International and domestic business travel restrictions
  • Increased janitorial and sanitization services at all facilities and additional cleaning crews
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations
  • Required Work From Home (WFH) for all office staff with alternating WFH schedules for certain manufacturing site staff
  • Visitor restrictions
  • Social distancingmeasures
  • Staggered production shifts to avoid any potential cross-contamination
  • Facility cleaning executed between shifts
  • Accelerated cross-training
  • Limited, business-need only access throughout High Security Areas (HSA)
  • Video conferencing for meetings
  • Encouraging employees who don’t feel well to stay home
  • Encouraging employees to embrace preventative measures to protect themselves and their families including hygiene, social distancing and community guidelines and to use CPI resources including virtual doctor/nurse visits

CPI is focused on minimizing business disruption by:

  • Revising workforce policies and business practices
  • Establishing a pandemic communications plan
  • Site-by-site contingency and business continuity planning IT disaster recovery planning
  • Continuously monitoring global/domestic activity related to COVID-19

Supply Chain

We are working and will continue to work with our suppliers to understand any area of potential risk, and as is normal business practice, mitigate those risks through buffer stock investments and multiple supplier sources. As of today, our supply chain and what we have on hand is able to meet our current and expected demand from our customers.

CPI would like to thank our customers and employees for their support and service as we work through this evolving situation.

We will update this statement as is warranted.

Supplier Code of Conduct

CPI Card Group Inc. takes its obligation to be a responsible global citizen seriously and expects suppliers to demonstrate a commitment that is consistent with the Supplier Code.

Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking and Slavery in Our Business and Supply Chains

This statement outlines CPI Card Group’s position on modern slavery and human trafficking.

Conflict Materials

Statement on Conflict Minerals

This Statement reflects CPI’s commitment with respect to responsible sourcing of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold, and the expectations for CPI’s suppliers that provide materials containing those minerals.

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