Enjoy the flexibility of an on-demand prepaid solution to support your customer's every day needs.

Add flexibility to your offering with
CPI On-Demand®

Embody your brand’s identity with vibrant colors and creative designs, while delivering targeted messaging on personalized cards, carriers, and collateral with CPI’s print-on-demand solution.

Bridge the digital and physical worlds
with cards for your FinTech business

Offer your mobile app customers a unique companion – physical debit cards that are as unique as your business, and can also support person-to-person payments for transferring cash through your mobile app or the web.

Where glamour meets functionality

With advancements in card treatments and a customizable print on-demand solution, you can combine various program options and treatment capabilities to deliver a distinctive customer experience that satisfies your prepaid program needs.

Mix and match a variety of card and carrier options

Payroll cards

Accelerate access to funds by loading employee wages onto payroll cards and forego physical paychecks. “Pay cards” or “payroll cards”, allow employees to access their funds through ATMs and to make purchases and pay bills, oftentimes sooner than through traditional paycheck services.

Government Benefit Cards

Program managers can issue prepaid cards to support social security, unemployment, insurance benefits, disability payments, and emergency support services.

Health Savings Account Cards (HSA)

Through a program manager employers can issue HSA cards to employees to access pretax wages eligible for medical expenses. Cards can be personalized and shipped directly to the participant.

Prepaid Incentive Cards

Instead of a voucher or gift card, incentivize employees or contract workers for satisfactory performance with personalized prepaid cards and custom messaging.

Add environmentally-focused cards and collateral

Align with your customer’s environmentally-focused values while contributing to your sustainability commitments. Minimize first-use plastic with cards made with upcycled or recovered ocean-bound plastic and choose from a variety of recycled paper products for collateral and mailers.

Looking for something different?

Retail Prepaid

Discover prepaid debit or retail gift cards and offer versatility through open and closed loop.

Need help deciding which program works for you?