Choose from a variety of personalization and mailing solutions for both daily and bulk mail programs. You can personalize the card, carriers and mailing package, and be confident in our data matching and verification systems for both B2B and B2C. Fulfillment solutions focus on support for specific channels.

Personalization and Fulfillment

You can personalize cards, carriers and fobs on various substrates to meet both your marketing and environmental policies. Choose from digital, thermal, laser and inkjet personalization capabilities run on in-house machinery to encode, print, assemble, address and distribute your finished pack. Camera verification helps ensure the correct personalized card, card with fob, or fob only is attached to the correct personalized pack and address.

  • Mag stripe, EMV, dual interface (contact and contactless), and RFID
  • Temporary and permanent cards
  • Card and carrier personalization
  • Barcode and numbering
  • Matching patented activation label
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Affixing and insertion
  • Financial institution and store distribution
  • Application form printing and card affixing
  • Direct-to-consumer addressing and mailing
  • Programming and pin management
  • Low- to mid-volume and over the edge card printing

Personalization in one pass with CPI On-Demand®

Expand your current mailing program with CPI On-Demand.  This zero-inventory, fully digital variable data solution is perfect for small and large runs, and equips users with a flexible solution to test marketing campaigns with virtually no waste.

Trying new messaging?  Test it on your initial audience, make adjustments, then launch a wider campaign.  CPI On-Demand allows for digital and physical proofs to see your product before delivery.  Start a new program or augment an existing one – CPI On-Demand can join traditional card manufacturing with digital personalization speed or print all components in one pass – card, carrier and collateral.

Your go-to for security, consistency and reliability

CPI delivers secure, high-quality personalization and fulfillment services through multiple certified production facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and proven quality assurance processes. We support magnetic, EMV, custom, contactless, and digital cards, with a variety of card personalization technologies including print-on-demand, instant card issuance, digital card, and more.

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Financial card personalization and data management

B2B and B2C personalization solutions accommodate both traditional and smart card issuance, and can be scaled from small issuance to mass runs. Daily and bulk fulfillment capabilities include a wide range of packaging and mailing solutions.  Cards, collateral, and packages can be securely personalized with data matching capabilities.  In addition to fully customized cards, we provide services including data personalization, co-branding, and personalized messaging on pre-printed card inventory.

Daily card fulfillment
Emergency card replacement
Chip data preparation
Embossing and encoding
Secure key management
PIN generation and salvage
Card carrier and packaging options
Full-service mailing including bulk

Laser Personalization


Laser personalization provides a sleek and long-lasting effect and is an ideal complement to your encased metal or PVC cards. In line with our process, our laser is capable of engraving the front and back of the card.

In-house machinery encodes, prints, assembles, addresses and distributes your completed package. Fulfillment processes incorporate verification steps to ensure flawless delivery to your most valued customers, and automated processes for standard carriers, or manual fulfillment for high-end packaging are available.

Dress up delivery with mail carrier, inserts and coupon

Your cards deserve a carrier that is equally as impressive.

Craft a carrier and mail pack solution that features your brand messaging while insuring the integrity of your mailer – whether it is as simple as a card attached to a folded letter enclosed in a window envelope, or a more complex one-piece mailer. Upload your own artwork or consult our designers to create a piece that will make your brand stand out with matching carriers, collateral, postcards or envelopes.

Explore mailing options for encased metal cards

black encased metal emv card in high-end gift box

Create a luxury ensemble

Complete the metal experience with packaging options that provide a luxurious accompaniment to the look-and-feel of the metal card, creating an exclusive cardholder experience from the moment the card arrives.  From luxury boxes that foster a memorable unboxing experience to premium mail carriers personalized with traditional automation, CPI can customize your metal card program up to the highest level of detail.

We’re connected to over 200 banks and processors and are experienced in managing hundreds of millions of data records. Security, functionality and integrity of data are our top priorities. Services include card and collateral data management, duplicate scan, disaster recovery, and programming.

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