Personalize cards, carriers and mailing packages with our personalization and fulfillment solutions

CPI’s card personalization technologies include:

  • Embossing
  • UV cured flat printing
  • Traditional thermal printing
  • Edge-to-edge retransfer
  • Laser engraving

CPI offers a wide range of payment card manufacturing, personalization, packaging and daily and bulk fulfillment. We support magnetic stripe, EMV®, and dual interface to help you reach your B2B or B2C audience

Memorable impressions start with unboxing

Your custom cards deserve a package that is equally impressive

Stand out with matching carriers, collateral, postcards or envelopes. Upload your own artwork or consult with our designers to create a package that represents your brand.

Engage cardholders with an exciting packaging experience

Create an exclusive cardholder experience from the moment the card arrives with packaging options that complement the look-and-feel of the card. Foster a memorable "unboxing" experience with premium packaging or carriers.

View and manage your CPI account

Manage your card program via our secure, online customer portal. Manage users, card inventory, place card orders, track order status, or view reporting. Our portal enables you to access real-time information to respond immediately to customer requests.


APIs offer added flexibility for placing and managing card personalization orders.

Dynamic Data Through API

Simplify your card issuance by integrating our innovative APIs with your existing infrastructure to streamline ordering for personalization and fulfilment services. Send card personalization orders in real-time and in larger quantities than SFTP, enhance customer engagement through order-status updates, and improve efficiency with data transparency and automated back-end processes.


Mailing and Distribution

CPI offers fulfilment options to meet a variety of unique needs for any customer – from presort mailing services, expedited card requests using multiple carriers, to hand fulfillment and manual options based on certain products or package customization.

Your go-to for security, consistency and reliability

CPI delivers secure, high-quality personalization and fulfillment services through multiple certified production facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and proven quality assurance processes.

Choose the personalization and fulfillment approach that works for your unique business with a personalization program customized to fit your specific needs.

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