Leap forward with flexibility, quality & control

With CPI On-Demand, you can deliver personalized customer experiences through high-quality and uniquely-customized cards, carriers, and collateral in days versus weeks. Eliminate inventory. Manage your entire portfolio digitally. Maximize every opportunity.

Let data drive the process

Submit customer data and art files through secure FTP sites. Our advanced data platform processes the information, submits it to our next-generation machinery, which will take it from there – ensuring high quality and accuracy through barcoding and camera verification.

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Support financial card programs

See how on-demand can support EMV or magnetic stripe cards for financial institutions - small, mid-sized and large. 

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Customized distribution for prepaid programs

Produce individualized offers for cards, carrier, collateral - customized all in one pass.

Make every card program work harder

Gain cost efficiencies with zero inventory

Eliminate inventory forecasting and storage with one-off, on-demand orders that require fewer resources and provide a level of flexibility and versatility to meet the needs of any campaign.

Optimize returns

Test new campaign ideas on the fly, identify champion strategies and improve campaign results in weeks versus months. Excel in delivering 1-to-1 customer experiences in 1200 DPI and positive campaign results.

Get to market faster – worry-free

Every element of CPI On-Demand is managed digitally, so you can update and maintain your portfolio in real time and get cards and communications in your customers’ hands in days instead of weeks.

Fulfill any need

For companies across industries, get cards, carriers and collateral, customized for your needs including payments, incentives & rebates, gift, transit, payroll, benefits, rewards and more.

Zero inventory model

Each component begins with blank white stock (cards, carriers, collateral) reducing overhead with a zero inventory model. Or utilize a hybrid model with a combination of pre-printed and on-demand materials.

Dynamic, digital portal

The use of dynamic data in a digital format enables completely unique messaging to each customer – with unlimited changes, edits and enhancements. Use personal data to deliver 1-to-1 communications that test a variety of offers, messages, imagery, formats and more.

EMV and contactless cards

Leverage CPI On-Demand to deliver magnetic stripe, EMV, contactless/RFID and dual interface cards along with a wide variety of collateral, packaging formats and mix/match capabilities.

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