Encased Tungsten





The encased tungsten card has a noticeable weight of +20 grams, creating a substantial feeling for your exclusive cardholders. Artwork is printed on PVC that is color matched to the PVC surrounding the tungsten. The outcome is a truly luxurious product.

Substantial Weight and Rigity

High detail design with a choice of colored-edge options

The patented Encased Tungsten Hybrid Card offers substantial weight and rigidity. Tungsten, the heaviest metal available, is enclosed within PVC providing flexibility in design capabilities, and a variety of custom colored-edge options. The 20 gram weight provides cardholders with a noticeable and luxurious product.

Encased Tungsten Cards feature:

Weight: +20 grams
Compatible with all Visa or Mastercard marks
Discover certified
EMV and Magnetic Stripe
Laser personalization

The Encased Tungsten product is protected by the US Patent No: US 8,857,722 of CPI Card Group, Inc.

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