Contact and contactless with dual interface

EMV products for contact and contactless capable (dual interface) secure cards can be customized to your program and budget — whether it’s an economical card for an initial mass-issue strategy or a high-end value-added product for cardholders.

We'll support you in defining the strategy that will drive your card program, including: issuance, chip selection and profile, card design, key management, data preparation and programming, certification, employee training, and customer usage education plans.

Contactless transactions are faster than cash

Speed of transaction is highly beneficial to merchants during peak periods and can increase transaction volume for merchants and issuers. Customers who typically would sort through their wallet for exact change can wave their dual interface or contactless payment card, or mobile device over a reader, pay and go.

Dual interface = contact + contactless

EMV Dual interface cards are available for both credit and debit programs and can be an integral part of your business strategy including the ability to issue based on geography to support contactless card transit systems. Dual interface furnishes the flexibility of use in contact and contactless transactions.

RFID - contactless convenience for more than just payments

Add contactless capability to financial, loyalty, membership or access cards. Personalize your customer experience and use for tracking purchases, points or access, loyalty offers and much more. RFID is a convenient technology that can be added to nearly any card. Ask about how you can incorporate RFID convenience into your card or keytag design.

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Contactless and dual interface



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Post Lamination Print

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Specialty Inks

IR Shift Inks
UV Shift Inks
24 Karat Gold

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Holographic Foils
Contactless compatible

Versatile for transit systems

Add applications to control automatic fare collection and access for transportation systems, recreational parks, and stadiums. Additionally, these applications can be used to track loyalty and gaming points for large gaming and lottery applications. Find out more about contactless applications.

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Give your cards a fully recognizable edge that stands out in a wallet.

Add a color core to your design to accentuate your brand identity or logo, or reflect a matching color scheme across the card that includes a colored magnetic stripe.

magnetic stripe cards, mag stripe cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, prepaid cards, debit cards, credit cards

Add sparkle, color, or custom printed magnetic stripe.

Fully utilize the magnetic stripe as a design feature on your card.  Increase brand recognition by adding color or sparkle to the back.  Match the magnetic stripe color to your core or add a custom logo or website address.

We can work with your designers or create a card design for you that best embodies your brand identity or card’s purpose.

CPI is a recognized leader in card production, offering a full suite of solutions and the expertise in plastics manufacturing, personalization and fulfillment to provide a completely customized card package.

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