The patented Steel Card is a fusion of metal and plastic, a lighter yet practical approach to metal cards for mass issuance strategies.

Steel Card

10 Grams

The Encased Steel card provides a distinct feel to cardholders at approximately twice the weight of a standard PVC card and at only a fraction of the cost of a traditional metal card.

Celebrate the use of metal

Showcase a high-detail card design utilizing full color, or silk screen finish. Encased steel allows issuers to offer a more accessible metal card.

Encased Steel Cards Feature

Weight: +10 grams
EMV and magnetic stripe

Dual-interface capable
Laser personalization

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Personalize with style

Stylize your look with laser personalization - a sleek and long-lasting technique to complement your design.

Package with elegance

Complete your metal card with luxurious packaging options or fulfill in the traditional manner. Either way, your metal cards will shine.

The heaviest fusion card available

Add weight and rigidity while featuring sophisticated treatments on our Encased Tungsten fusion card.

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