Coined as the gift of choice, open and closed-loop cards rank as one of the most-given gifts. With soaring volumes, low-risk gift cards are claiming prime real estate across all retail outlets.

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The wrapping is just as important as the gift

Bespoke or custom carriers are uniquely designed to complement gift cards and enhance the overall gifting experience.

When it comes to card and carrier design there are infinite possibilities. Supply your designs or we can design your complete gift card range for you – the choice is entirely yours.

Available in a variety of formats, styles, substrates and finishes, innovative and versatile solutions will make your range stand out. Choose from mail carriers with offers and inserts or retail and secure packaging to support your objectives at the register or on the mall.  If security is your concern, we offer secure, fraud deterrent packaging and a variety of custom packaging options.  Combine shapes and sizes, substrates, textures and finishes to create a unique gift card product. Add a touch of magic to give your cards sparkle, depth or dimension with a variety of effects including:

  • Foils
  • Laminates
  • Pearls
  • Color-shift inks
  • Motion coat (motion effect)
  • Glitters, clear etch (carriers)
  • Proprietary coating - press polished
  • Soft-touch coating (PVC and paper)
  • Emboss and foil stamping
  • Specialty Paper

gift cards, gift card schemes, gift card manufacturer

Personalize and fulfill

CPI accommodates fast, efficient stock fulfillment and delivery to stores, to help you keep up with customer demand year-round.

gift cards, gift card schemes, gift card manufacturer

Establish a multi-channel approach

Offer digitized gift cards, giving consumers a platform to purchase digital, physical and personalized gift cards from the comfort of their home or on-the-go via mobile phone.

gift cards, gift card schemes, gift card manufacturer

Turnkey order and fulfillment platform

Physical and digital cards can be ordered through a stand-alone portal or plug into an existing online shopping portal to expand on your traditional card offering.

Delight cardholders with a cutting edge gift card program and CPI’s fresh designs and innovative packaging.

Our team of industry experts can advise you on various options available.

Every gift card range is unique.

Using a wide variety of finishes, we bring life to gift cards. Our design team is experienced with impulse branding, corporate communication and packaging, and has vast knowledge of print capabilities and techniques. Deliver cards with the desired impact, while meeting the requirements of the product, budget, life-cycle and environment.

Employee awards and incentives

Ideal for corporate incentives, rewards, and payout programs. Vary messaging by season, program, or corporate initiative to create a uniquely branded gift for holidays or achievement programs.

Earth-friendly substrates

We work to accommodate your organizational environmental policies to create a program that reduces environmental impact. Connect with one of our representatives to explore these low impact alternatives.

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