Upcycling plastic into treasure
and reducing first-use plastic

Driven to have a meaningful impact on the issue of plastic in the environment, CPI created Earthwise® payment cards, made from upcycled post-industrial plastic.

Earthwise® rPVC

Recycled Polyvinyl Chloride

For financial institutions looking to add an eco-focused card option to their portfolios, rPVC is an ideal entry point. Consider a switch to recycled PVC to reduce the use of first-use plastic.

Earthwise oayment card example with flying hummingbird image

Earthwise® rPET-G

Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol

The rPET-G card is a premium upcycled payment card product created from the same plastic commonly found in clear plastic packaging. This card offers the highest percentage of upcycled plastic in a dual-interface payment card by utilizing post-industrial plastic for all card layers.

The launch of this product in June of 2020 was the first time Visa had proactively worked with a partner to offer a financial card made with more sustainable materials to meet increasing interest from both issuers and consumers.

In a CPI survey conducted by an independent research firm, debit and credit cardholders indicated they are “concerned” about plastic waste.

are "concerned" about protecting the environment

are concerned about plastic waste in landfills

of respondents find a card featuring upcycled plastic, diverting plastic from a landfill, appealing

would switch to a card made with landfill-bound plastic if it were offered by their current issuer, with the same features and benefits

CPI consumer insights fielded September 2021 n2215

What are Community Banks and Credit Unions saying about their Sustainability Initiatives and ESG responsibilities?

Together with Mercator research, CPI surveyed executives from 106 different small and mid-sized financial institutions (FIs) in the U.S. about their sustainability initiatives and about how they viewed their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) responsibilities.

There was an overwhelming majority of respondents that do have sustainability initiatives within their FIs, but there are fewer that have taken concreate actions to extend those initiatives to employees and customers. Download our infographic to see what else was said.  ↪ CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

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