Cards with a conscience

Together, we can help turn the payments industry into a positive force by focusing attention on the negative impact of plastic on the environment. Inspired to reduce the amount of first-use plastic in the payments industry, CPI Earth Elements™ is a portfolio of payment cards that incorporate upcycled plastic into the card's construction.

With CPI Earth Elements™ payment cards, you can support your sustainability commitments, while aligning with cardholder values.

Second Wave®

Recovered ocean-bound plastic cards

Appeal to cardholders concerned about plastic waste in the ocean by offering a debit, credit, or prepaid debit card featuring a core made from recovered ocean-bound plastic.


Upcycled "high content" plastic cards

Earthwise™ is the first dual interface payment card product to offer up to 98% upcycled plastic content, dependent on design. These beautifully designed, high quality payment cards incorporate upcycled plastic from post-industrial plastic that might have otherwise entered a landfill.

Collaborating to Make a Difference

The First Mile®, an initiative of Thread International and WORK, formalizes waste collection networks in low-income communities and bridges the gap for global brands to purchase from these responsible supply chains, while diverting plastic waste from our oceans and landfills.

NextWave Plastics is a collaborative and open-source initiative convening leading multinational companies to develop the first global network of ocean-bound plastic supply chains.  Simply put, NextWave keeps plastic in the economy and out of the ocean.

ICMA EcoLabel Standard Program

CPI is the first company to become a licensee of the ICMA EcoLabel Standard Program, created by the International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA), which recognizes card manufacturer members for their commitment to sustainability and for specific card products that meet program requirements. The program establishes measurable criteria for assessing the environmental impact of transaction and identification cards for the purpose of ICMA EcoLabel Standard Program certification.

CPI’s Second Wave® Recovered Ocean-Bound Plastic and Earthwise™ High-Content Cards have achieved certification under the ICMA EcoLabel Standard Program.


In 2020, CPI joined the Greener Payment Partnership (GPP) formed by Mastercard and other major card manufacturers with a goal to reduce first-use PVC plastic in card manufacturing.

Building upon the sustainability initiatives of the GPP and Priceless Planet Coalition, Mastercard introduced their Sustainable Card Badge in March of 2022, part of their verification program for using sustainable materials in card manufacturing. CPI’s Second Wave® and Earthwise™ rPVC cards are currently on Mastercard’s Sustainable Materials Directory.

Mastercard issuers purchasing Second Wave® and Earthwise™ rPVC cards are encouraged to add the Mastercard Sustainable Card Badge to their debit or credit cards.

Download these Resources

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Infographic – What are SME’s saying about Sustainability?

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infographic – Eco-focused Card Anatomy

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White Paper – Aite sustainability

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eBook – Ocean plastic

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