Cards with a conscience

Together, we can help turn the payments industry into a positive force by focusing attention on the negative impact of plastic on the environment. Inspired to reduce the amount of first-use plastic in the payments industry, CPI Earth Elements™ is a portfolio of payment cards that incorporate upcycled plastic into the card's construction.

With CPI Earth Elements™ payment cards, you can support your sustainability commitments, while aligning with cardholder values.

earth elements card, Second Wave card, eco-focused credit cards

Second Wave™

Recovered ocean-bound plastic cards

Appeal to cardholders concerned about plastic waste in the ocean by offering a debit, credit, or prepaid debit card featuring a core made from recovered ocean-bound plastic.

earth elements card, Second Wave card, eco-focused credit cards
hcc card, eco-focused cards, environmentally friendly credit cards, hcc credit cards


Upcycled "high content" plastic cards

Earthwise™ is the first dual interface payment card product to offer up to 98% upcycled plastic content, dependent on design. These beautifully designed, high quality payment cards incorporate upcycled plastic from post-industrial plastic that might have otherwise entered a landfill.

Collaborating to Make a Difference

NextWave Plastics is a collaborative and open-source initiative convening leading multinational companies to develop the first global network of ocean-bound plastic supply chains.  Simply put, NextWave keeps plastic in the economy and out of our ocean.

First Mile® supports micro-economies in underdeveloped communities by collecting plastic bottles to support entrepreneurs and prevent waste from reaching landfills and oceans.

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