A quick-turn solution for low and ultra-low quantity card stock orders

When the timeline for a card stock order is tight, card program managers can be left to scramble to maintain the inventory they need. DirectCard® from CPI is a solution created to meet a need for speed, without sacrificing quality, security or technology.

Designed specifically to accommodate supplemental card stock orders DirectCard can fulfill:

  • Ultra-low quantities in increments of 25, up to 100 cards
  • Low quantities of 100 to 2000 cards
  • Quantities over 2001+*

From job approval to outgoing shipment, DirectCard produces card stock orders within two business days and ships according to PCI/DSS maximum of up to 500 cards/per day.

*Quantities over 2000, turn time varies dependent on card design.

Two business days from order approval to ship

for quantities up to 500

Online Ordering

Through CPI Gateway®, your order is digitized with clear and concise options. View your card in a 3D render prior to job approval. Payment network submissions are sent automatically to speed pre-production. Lithographic presses complete the order with real-time updates to CPI Gateway. Always know where your order is with customizable email alerts.

High Quality

High quality standards are maintained throughout the order process. DirectCard allows for high resolution printing with consistent color control. Choose the level of technology required, including magnetic stripe, EMV® contact or dual interface contactless chip. PVC and recycled PVC (rPVC*) substrates available.

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