Provide added customer convenience with Digital Card

CPI’s Digital Card solution is designed to offer incentives and rewards via card-not-present transactions that give cardholders immediate spending power with online merchants. Deliver digital cards quickly and easily, allowing cardholders to access their digital account details and register their card to begin making online transactions instantly.

White Label Customization

Customize your recipient message with font type and color, contents in the header and footer, background, card image, email banner, and logo.

Account Management

Generate reports for active cards, card orders, usage stats and more.

Cardholder Engagement

Provide an experience that represents your brand from the card design to the cardholder portal.

Efficiently deliver rebates, incentives, and rewards with prepaid Digital Cards

  • Order and issue reward and incentive cards digitally
  • Deliver cards instantly via a secure website
  • Track card activation status and allow cardholders to track their card transactions
  • Simplify the process for corporate gift cards, customer rebates and more
  • Provide a convenient and seamless prepaid digital solution for immediate use at online merchants

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