All over the country, hundreds of banks and credit unions rely on Card@Once to provide customers with the convenience and satisfaction of an instantly issued card when they need it. Adopted through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, Card@Once has led the way in helping financial institutions enhance their customer experience for over 8 years – in fact, CPI Card Group was the first to market with this technology! And today, Card@Once is the strongest it’s ever been, thanks to three factors in particular: experience, service and security.

With a SaaS-based instant issuance solution, market experience makes a big difference. Card@Once – which has been recognized as an Enterprise Product of the Year – has brought cost-efficiency and convenience to thousands of small to mid-sized financial institutions across the U.S. The cloud-based platform is integrated with several cores and processors.*  Integration with a core platform eliminates the need for dual entry, saving time and ensuring accuracy.  The solution also supports manual entry without integration.  Card@Once is plug-and-play, and a quick-to-implement cloud-based system – requiring no additional IT resources from the financial institution. The program set-up and system maintenance are fully managed by CPI. This gives financial institutions all the advantages of being able to issue cards in minutes, with minimal costs and resources.**

Card@Once also supports dual interface card solutions which can be a major competitive differentiator for banks and credit unions, especially as consumer lifestyles evolve and new technologies including contactless payments grow ever-popular. Thanks to CPI’s history of payment technology expertise, Card@Once is both EMV® and dual interface capable – giving financial institutions a chance to get ahead of the curve.

Financial institutions using Card@Once also enjoy exceptional, 24/7 real-time support. In addition, the solution also features an online Training and Learning Center - which conveniently presents videos, webinars, and structured courses for continued Card@Once user education.   With readily-available resources for reference – CPI truly empowers financial institutions to make the most of their Card@Once experience.

Card@Once card personalization is also PCI-compliant and meets Visa and MasterCard® security requirements.**

Simply put: experience, service and security are key ingredients for financial institutions looking to get the most out of a SaaS-based instant issuance solution. Backed by CPI’s many years of market and compliance experience, Card@Once instant issuance can truly create value for banks and credit unions with minimal IT burden and 24/7 real-time support.  Our easy solution and exceptional service continue to demonstrate why it’s more than worth the investment.


*Integration requires the cooperation of the core provider.  Not all core platforms are available for integration.
**Certain PCI standards apply to the financial institution facility that are not within CPI Card Group's control.

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Written by:

Rob Dixon is the Director, Product and Business Development at CPI Card Group