Enable seamless online financial card design, personalization and ordering capabilities for consumer customer base by implementing a software platform that is user-friendly and brand-aligned.

MYCA™, the turnkey B2B hosted software solution from CPI Card Group, allowed Florence Bank to offer its 31,000+ customers access to an integrated, company branded online interface for simplified payment card personalization and ordering.

Florence Bank customers are able to design, personalize and order cards from an online interface integrated with its existing website and consistent with its branding. During the first month of the MYCA™ program alone, 730 cards were ordered by customers – approximately 715 more than the per-month average. The demand was further reflected by greater top-of-wallet status for cards issued by Florence Bank – a study of a sampling of the bank’s customers following MYCA™’s implementation found a 10 percent lift in transactions among cardholders with personalized cards and projected a 2 percent increase in annual interchange revenues.

Familiar with the value consumers find in having and using personalized payment cards, Massachusetts-based Florence Bank must deploy a solution that cost-effectively provides customers access to such capabilities–and enhances overall card programs and boosts interchange revenue in the process.

With roots extending back to 1873, Florence Bank has always maintained a commitment to taking care of its customers’ financial needs through every critical milestone. Today, Florence Bank serves over 48,000 customers through nine locations across Massachusetts. The company’s mission remains the same: meet the unique financial needs of its customers, demonstrate a deep loyalty to the communities it serves and provide an extensive range of personal and business banking options paired with best- in-class customer service. And through it all, Florence Bank is dedicated to creating a banking experience that is smooth, enjoyable and rewarding.

Florence Bank chose the MYCA™ software platform to offer its customers the ability to easily design, personalize and order payment cards online, using their own photos or predefined images from a gallery curated by the bank. Already receiving central issuance and instant issuance services from CPI Card Group, Florence Bank chose to tap its trusted supplier again, leveraging the company’s turnkey B2B hosted software solution and proven customer service quality.

Furthermore, through MYCA™, Florence Bank not only has access to a robust, dedicated customer service team, it is also able to rely on CPI Card Group to fully manage the online site where customers create and order cards – allowing the bank to focus on its core business and objectives. Given that MYCA™ is chip card-enabled, Florence Bank has also been able to issue EMV®-compliant personalized cards to its customers

The Challenge
In 2014, Florence Bank found itself in a difficult position. The company behind the platform Florence Bank was utilizing to issue personalized cards at the time had decided to cease support of the product by the end of the year. This left Florence Bank in need of a new platform to support its customers – one that could not only raise the bar in terms of quality and ease-of-use, but could also adapt and accommodate for changes in the long-term, such as the coming transition to EMV. On top of that, the solution needed to be implemented within three months so as to ensure card personalization capabilities went uninterrupted for the bank’s customers.

For Florence Bank, MYCA™ was both cost-effective and had exactly the features and functionality they were looking for – and CPI Card Group was the hands-on, engaged partner needed to execute the implementation within the required time frame.

Transition to CPI Card Group’s MYCA® Platform
Florence Bank began its implementation process for MYCA™ in October 2014. Having experience working with the bank previously, CPI Card Group was able to channel its existing knowledge of the organization to ensure a smooth implementation. When faced with a minor technical hiccup in the process, the CPI team quickly provided special programming for Florence Bank, using alternate methods and frequent testing to ensure the platform was implemented and functioning properly. By December 31, 2014, when the bank’s previous platform provider had discontinued support for its product, MYCA™ was already up and running.

Through MYCA™, CPI Card Group created a card creation and ordering site for Florence Bank that was seamlessly integrated with its existing website and customized with the bank’s unique logo, themes and colors. Email notifications for cardholders using the site were also customized with the bank’s logo and preferred text. Because MYCA™ offers customers the option to upload their own images or choose from a gallery of predefined images to design with, Florence Bank was able to curate a collection of pictures from local photographers for cardholders’ selection.

The platform’s reporting features enabled the bank to track the usage and requests for specific pictures, allowing them to be better informed as they updated and added to their selection of predefined images. Image review was another area requiring management and oversight – something CPI continues to handle entirely for Florence Bank, ensuring images uploaded by cardholders are appropriate and meet the standards of the bank as well as the payment card brands before approving for production.

The platform would additionally be ready once Florence Bank reissued cards to its customers following the conversion to EMV, allowing cardholders to eventually personalize and order chip cards from the site.

Following the original implementation of MYCA™, Florence Bank advertised a free period in early 2015 where customers had the opportunity to create and order personalized cards at no cost. The effort was designed to gauge consumer interest in the offerings made possible through MYCA™, as well as generate initial momentum for the program.

In January 2015 alone, Florence Bank saw a whopping 730 cards ordered through the platform. On average, the bank sees 15 cards ordered per month. The bank later analyzed the debit card activity of a sampling of customers, comparing the three months before and three months after they had received a personalized card. Florence Bank found that transactions among cardholders with personalized cards saw a ten percent lift – compared to just a 1.2 percent lift among cardholders with standard cards. This data reflected a strong connection between personalized cards and top-of-wallet status, a major objective pursued by most financial institutions. Furthermore, projections based on the data generated by this customer sampling estimated a 2 percent lift in annual interchange revenues for Florence Bank.

The bank found that interchange revenues easily outweighed the cost to issue personalized cards, illustrating how worthwhile the MYCA™ program was. And the demand for personalized cards remained high in the years to follow. In July 2016, after a temporary period of the program being off so the bank could reissue standard chip cards to its entire customer base, Florence Bank turned MYCA™ back on to once again allow cardholders to design and order personalized cards, now EMV-enabled. Without any advertising of the program this time, the bank saw 250 cards ordered that month – nearly 82 percent of which were personalized.

MYCA™ is now used by Florence Bank to offer over 31,000 of its consumer debit card customers across Massachusetts access to a simple, online card personalization and ordering system, seamlessly integrated within the bank’s website. Beyond elevating ease-of-use and efficiency for personalized card ordering, MYCA™ also provides new capabilities and strengths for the bank. Through the platform, Florence Bank has the ability to expedite the onboarding of new programs and bring offerings enabled by the platform to market quickly, thanks to the administrative interface available via the software. The bank is also able to take on bulk card ordering, virtual card delivery, multi-currency and multi-language programs – all of which are supported by MYCA™.

Bethany Rose, VP Operations Manager, Florence Bank, attributes much of MYCA™’s value to the “customization process by the cardholder being extremely simple and easy.” She adds that, “It’s been excellent having CPI Card Group as our sole provider for several services – the never-delayed customer support they provide across the board, especially with MYCA™, has ensured that the voyage of our continuing partnership remains smooth.”

Rose also notes, “With the online interface being so well-integrated with our website, customers are able to feel at home with us while designing and ordering their cards.” Such capabilities help Florence Bank to establish itself as the bank of choice for its customers while helping the cards it issues see preferred usage, which boosts top-of-wallet status and interchange revenue by extension. “Both before and after the conversion to EMV, we never lost sight of the value consumers find in something as simple as being able to personalize a debit card with their dog. Through MYCA™, we are not only able to provide those capabilities – we can do so with unparalleled convenience.”

For more information on MYCA™, CPI Card Group’s mobile responsive software solution for customized card ordering, visit: https://www.cpicardgroup.com/our-solutions/e-services/myca/

For more information about Florence Bank, visit: https://www.florencebank.com/

To see Florence Bank’s MYCA site, visit: https://www.florencebank.com/personal/debit-cards  Click on the Design Now button in the Personalize Your Debit Card section.