CPI Card Group offers a full suite of solutions for smart card programs in the financial, commercial, transit and government sectors. Our flexible business model and open infrastructure allow CPI to work with any chip supplier and software developer that best fit your needs.

We are experienced in working with financial institutions and with the stringent security requirements of card associations. CPI Card Group has American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover certified facilities in North America, offering full service EMV smart card solutions in Canada and other parts of the world. We also service the government and transit sectors with microprocessor cards – contact and contactless – and memory cards used for such applications as pre-paid telephone, library, access control, parking and loyalty programs.

CPI offers many different smart card options including:

Wondering where to start and what questions to ask? CPI is the expert in this industry and we’d love to help.

CPI has a long history of supporting financial institutions worldwide with traditional secure services for card production.
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