Secure Payment Solutions

Our comprehensive range of secure payment solutions — from card manufacturing, mailing and fulfillment to mobile phone provisioning for payments — has earned us a reputation as a single trusted partner for providing customers with an integrated offering supported by world-class service. We provide end-to-end solutions tailored to individual customers, regardless of the size of your organization.

From short runs and quick turnarounds through mass card production, personalization and daily and bulk fulfillment capabilities (including a wide range of packaging and mailing solutions), we're able to meet all of our customers' needs.










Card Manufacturing

We can help develop a range of card products that contributes to a compelling strategy, anchors your brand, creates visual impact, and generate emotional connections with customers, keeping your cards "front-of-wallet." Our team includes experts in design, research and development, and printing, ensuring a smooth process from concept to production. We have the specialized knowledge for designing on plastic and taking advantage of new technology.We are ACE certified and ISO compliant. We offer a variety of finishes and effects, including:

  • Finishes
    • Matte/Silk
    • Polish
    • Post Lamination Print
  • Specialty Inks
    • Pearls
    • Metallic
    • IR Shift Inks
    • UV Shift Inks
    • 24 Karat Gold
  • Cores
    • Colored
    • Clear
    • Holographic Foils
    • Layered

Instant Issuance

With Card@Once®, we deliver a best-in-class solution for instant card issuance. Featuring advanced customization capabilities and high-performance design, Card@Once® is a comprehensive program to help increase customer satisfaction and card usage while reducing overall issuance costs.

  • Temporary (bulk) card and instant issuance solutions
  • Innovative, cost-effective approach to in-branch issuance of secure payment cards
  • Patented technology meets Visa, MasterCard and PCI DSS security requirements
  • Only certified service bureau to offer integrated, EMV-capable solution

Mobile Solutions

With recent technological and business innovations, issuers want to be able to provide secure mobile payment services that cover 100 percent of their customer base, regardless of geography or underlying technology. CPI can manage all the credentials (EMV and mobile) to ease implementation and streamline costs. Learn more about cpi Mobile™.

Personalization & Fulfillment

CPI delivers secure, high-quality personalization and fulfillment services, with 99.96% accuracy and 99.83% on-time delivery records. With multiple certified production facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and proven quality assurance processes, CPI is the best choice to support your card programs. We support a variety of card personalization technologies, including EMV cards, contactless cards, consumer-submitted photo cards, instant card issuance and more. Our offerings include:

  • Daily card fulfillment
  • Emergency card replacement
  • Chip data preparation
  • Embossing and encoding
  • Secure key management
  • PIN generation and salvage
  • Card carrier and packaging options
  • Full-service mailing including bulk

PIN Management

CPI offers a simple solution to customer-selected PIN. Account holders prefer to choose their own PIN, maximizing card usage and increasing revenue for the financial institution. Give your customers the opportunity to change a PIN after receiving their card. We will interface with your host operating system to update the new PIN offset so that the card is ready for immediate use.

  • Secure, convenient PIN solutions, including PIN mailers, distribution and salvage
  • Customer-selected PIN options available via PIN pad, phone and web
  • Enhanced security and reduced expense

Key Management

We offer solutions for the generation, exchange, storage, use, and replacement of keys. We take a rigorous approach to cryptographic protocol design, key servers, user procedures, and other relevant protocols. CPI's Key Management Platform facilitates master key and work key exchanges between you and our manufacturing or card personalization centers. Managing all the keys involved with an EMV card project is no longer an issue. CPI's Key Management Platform gives you a clear, easy-to-use tool to enter key information, approve exchanges, and track status of key ceremonies. We keep your projects on-time by automatically notifying you of pending and completed activities.