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As a Global market leader and trusted partner to its clients, CPI Card Group continues to grow its business, reaching annual plastic card production volumes in excess of 1.3 billion plastic cards each year.

Within the portfolio of secure cards and non-secure plastic cards and related services, CPI Card Group is the market leader in the United States with over 130 million secured contactless smart cards manufactured and provided to Financial Institutions with a range of products including, contactless smart card using RFID, contactless RFID stickers, EMV cards, MicroSD, contactless physical access cards and contactless “FOB".

CPI Card Groups secure facility located in Toronto, Canada can support daily issuance requirements as well as mass production, having in-line fulfillment and distribution services available that can support any type of smart card program, from one-to-one marketing to full-scale card deployment.

In Europe, and in addition to the groups established commercial card business in the UK, it also provides secure card production capabilities in its facility located in Petersfield, Hampshire, catering for a wide variety of financial institutions throughout the UK and Europe.

Maintaining a positive reputation of product consistency, quality, and outstanding customer service has strengthened CPI Card Group’s positioning within their customers long term procurement strategies delivered primarily through the successful implementation of CPI Card Groups unique business model which lends itself perfectly to the growing demands of our client’s worldwide which offers real flexibility.

CPI Card Group delivers a true end to end solution for its customers on secured card construction, manufacturing, as well as card personalization. CPI Card Group does not encourage one card type over another. It is the open structure of this business model that promotes client interaction, education, and budgetary control in order to help direct the decision making process.

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