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Bolstered by support from major mobile hardware and software providers, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is making a strong move to fulfill its promise to be the dominant physical world payments technology. The reinvigoration of interest in NFC is raising the stakes for enabling technologies that make secure mobile payments possible. As discussions move from “if” to “when”, implementation issues come to the forefront, with no issue bigger than security. That's especially true between the proponents of on-device secure elements versus cloud-based cards using Host Card Emulation (HCE).

The arguments for superior security from both sides of the debate have merit, but no security system is perfect. So which security is better: hardware-based secure element or cloud-based HCE? From a security perspective, both of these competing technologies have persuasive arguments in their favor especially when all of the implementation factors are considered.

This webinar will review the pros and cons of using HCE and hardware-based secure elements for mobile payments from a security and implementation perspective. Technical as well as business challenges must be considered when determining the right level of security for any NFC implementation.

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